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The Comic Book ANA

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European Union,Save the Children

About 300,000 people – of whom one in three are children – migrate from Central America to the United States every year. These children cross through increasingly dangerous routes in order to avoid immigration controls and are mainly fleeing poverty, violence,  political conflicts, and the impacts of climate change and the COVID-19 crisis.

The comic book ANA is an effort to raise awareness about the dire situation of the migrating children in the region. The story is about Ana, a girl who flees from Honduras to save her and her family’s life. ANA is part of the humanitarian aid program for the migrant population funded by the European Union, and is implemented by Save the Children and HIAS Mexico. Through this  project psychosocial support and legal assistance of victims of gender-based violence have been provided, as well as training in disaster risk reduction and protection in the shelters where children and women spend the night.

Disclamer: The following material is intended for mature learners aged 15+, the comic mentions senstive topics such as sexual violence and guns. It should not be shared with younger readers.

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