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Climate Change, Migration and Displacement: The need for a risk-informed and coherent approach

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ODI, Overseas Development Institute,UNDP, United Nations Development Programme

In 2016 alone, over 24 million people were displaced by unexpected climate-related disasters. It is commonly understood that there is a correlation between climate change and human mobility, however, the lack of evidence-based findings has hindered necessary changes to being made in this regard. It is extremely difficult to track migration caused by climate change; there are numerous other factors that could also contribute to migration, and some may even be in combination with climate change.

This report attempts to bridge the gap between speculation of climate-influenced migration and much-needed policy to address it, by highlighting what evidence already exists to prove this relationship. It aims to inspire informed discourse on humanitarian, peace, and sustainability agendas, and the development of legislation to address the challenges posed by climate-imposed migration.

Included with this report are 8 infographics, accessible by the links to the right.

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