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Children’s Voice 2020: Children’s views on the coronavirus spring

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Save the Children Finland

Stress, worry and loneliness are effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on the lives of children and youth in Finland. Focus of the Children’s voice 2020 survey was on the experiences of 13–17 children and youth regarding the exceptional circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic from the point of view of everyday life, studies, leisure time, hobbies and mental well-being. The study found that the crisis has significantly impacted low-income families, of which many were financially insecure already before the onset of the pandemic. Children in these families reported declined mental well-being, challenges with studies and the family’s increased need of support more often than others. They were also more often worried about the impact of the exceptional circumstances than other children. Children’s Voice is a survey that Save the Children in Finland has conducted since 2001. The survey maps the thoughts of children on varying themes. The objective of the survey is to lift up the voices of children and include them more in Finnish society – from everyday life to broader social dialogue and decision-making.

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