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Children’s rights in Kenya – an Analysis based on the CRC Reports

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Save the Children Sweden

Knowledge is paramount for Save the Children Sweden (SCS) when deciding how, with what and where support can be best provided to the children of Kenya. A logical first step for SCS was to look at the Kenyan reports to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) Committee, using the programme areas of Save the Children Sweden as the analytical framework. The report identifies the status of children’s rights within the different programme areas, as well as the achievements and gaps, challenges and constraints in existing programmes and practices. Three interrelated questions are analysed in this paper: 1. Where does Kenya stand within Save the Children Sweden’s programme areas 2. What are the achievements and challenges towards the realisation and protection of children’s rights in Kenya, as expressed by the government in the CRC reports, the NGOs in their alternative reports and the UN Committee in its Concluding Observations; 3. Is it possible to discern a process of development in the implementation of children’s rights between the time periods covered by the first and the second CRC report, i.e. 1990-1997 and1998-2004.

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