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Children on the Move: A report on drivers and dynamics of Children on the Move

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GODH, Grass-root Organization for Human Development,IHDF, Initiator Human Development Foundation,Save the Children International,Save the Children Pakistan

It is estimated that 1.2 million children on the streets of Pakistan’s major cities and urban centers, but reliable data explaining the magnitude and scope of Children on the Move (CoM) is still missing.

In order to document children’s situation, needs, and coping mechanisms before, during, and after moving to Lahore and Karachi, this study was commissioned by two of Save the Children – Pakistan partners, Grass-root Organization for Human Development and Initiator Human Development Foundation from Lahore and Karachi, respectively. The study includes children’s history from before the move, the history of separation including migration, the history following the move, and the child’s current situation. Moreover, this study attempts to supplement the knowledge gap about how to design responses that are appropriate and effective for protecting children at all stages of their journey, especially in transit – the stage where conventional protection systems are often weakest. 

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