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Children on the Move. A Report on Children of Afghan Origin Moving to Western Countries

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UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund

This study is a small snapshot of individual stories of children of Afghan origin on the move to western countries. The study focuses on the stories of 20 unaccompanied children of Afghan origin who applied for asylum in Norway and the UK. Within Afghanistan, five deported children and three families with a child on the move in a western country were also interviewed. Most of the respondents did not see a future for themselves in Afghanistan or neighbouring countries. The study findings present only a partial picture of the problem of children on the move, and point to the need to obtain more comprehensive information in order to respond to the protection needs of children on the move who are not registered with relevant authorities and have not sought asylum in western countries. The same applies in Afghanistan where further research is needed to respond to the needs of children who are deported or planning to become children on the move.

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