Children as active citizens. A policy and programme guide – Commitments and obligations for children’s civic rights and civic engagement in East Asia and the Pacific

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ECPAT International,IAWGCP, Inter-Agency Working Group on Children’s Participation,Knowing Children,Plan International,Save the Children Sweden,Save the Children UK,UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund,World Vision International

This compendium presents a broad agenda for children’s civil rights and a wide range of approaches to children’s participation and citizenship. It is targeted at government decision makers and service providers, as well as development agencies, civil society and children’s organisations, in Asia and the Pacific. Part 1 defines children’s citizenship and civil rights, provides a rationale for supporting them and presents an agenda with concrete outcomes. Part 2 provides guidance on the practice of children’s civil rights to a name, expression, information, complaints, justice and economic equality. Part 3 suggests ways to help children develop and practice active citizenship skills in relation to civic engagement, media, public decisions and politics, and children-led associations. Each section provides targets and indicators, a bibliography of useful resources and numerous tables and dot point lists that summarise the main points. The annexes include a checklist for children’s citizenship and civil rights, common myths and risks of child participation, and a glossary.

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