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Child Trafficking in the European Union. Challenges, perspectives and good practices

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FRA, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

This study by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights examines the problem of trafficking and exploitation of children in the European context.The report finds that every year, a significant number of women and children fall victim to human trafficking in the European Union but the number of convictions in cases of child trafficking is very low. Disappearance of children from shelters and similar facilities is widespread, and there is a high risk of these children falling victim to trafficking. The report points out the lack of monitoring of this problem and calls for better protection and care for the victims, particularly by providing specialized centres for victims of child trafficking and minimum standards for shelters and facilities. Overall, the report finds that the EU must do more to address the issue and calls for better legislation to combat child trafficking. The protection and care for victims, in particular, must be improved

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