Child Rights Risk Assessment: Tea industry supply chain in Sri Lanka

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CCR CSR, The Center for Child Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility,Save the Children

The Tea sector is the largest employer in Sri Lanka with a direct and indirect workforce of over 2.5 million people, which accounts to 10 percent of the total population. Save the Children in Sri Lanka has been working with leading plantation companies in the tea industry and advocating for the adoption of a child protection policy that improves the safety and wellbeing of children living in plantation companies. As an organization, Save the Children has realized the need to deepen the understanding of child rights risks in plantation settings and also along the tea supply chain in order to identify appropriate strategies and approaches for addressing child rights issues at different levels. 

The aim of this assessment was to identify potential entry points for influencing sustainable progress and improvement in the lives of children. This study was carried out in partnership with the Center for Child Rights & Corporate Social Responsibility – Hong Kong.

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