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The child friendly Kebele: A child rights analysis at the local level

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Save the Children Denmark,Save the Children Norway,Save the Children Sweden

This situation analysis is a collaborative effort between Save the Children Denmark, Norway and Sweden and the local NGO ‘Love for Children’, Ethiopia. It focuses on kebele 07 in Addis Ababa (kebele is the smallest administrative unit in the Ethiopian administrative structure). A child friendly kebele in this respect is defined as a society in which children’s rights are met with available resources – where community members are aware of the rights of children, respect them and know their respective roles and responsibilities regarding children’s rights.The rationale behind the project was to promote innovative methods in working with children’s rights in a local context.

This report has five chapters, of which the first is introductory, explaining the objectives and rationale for the study. Chapter 2 outlines the research methodology and explores the research process and its structure. Chapter 3 constitutes the children’s rights situation analysis with a focus on four guiding principles in the CRC and their application in Kebele 07. Chapter 4 lists the actors and duty bearers responsible for the implementation of the Convention and describes how they interact with each other. Chapter 5 explores obstacles to the implementation of the provisions and articles of the Convention in Kebele 07.

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