Cartographie et Analyse des Systèmes de Protection de l’Enfance au Senegal.

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Child Frontiers Ltd.

In 2009, Plan International, Save the Children Alliance, Terre des hommes and UNICEF came together with national partners to initiate a regional child protection systems mapping, assessment and analysis exercise in five pilot countries : Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Niger and Ghana. The rationale for this system mapping and analysis exercise includes recognition of the need to develop a more African-specific conceptual framework for systems work that includes non-formal systems, as well as to begin to build an evidence base on African experiences. This in-country research in Senegal constitutes the first step towards the design of a national social protection strategy in the country. The report was realised thanks to the joint collaboration of Senegal’s Ministry of Family Affairs, the Ministry of Justice/ Child Protection Unit, UNICEF, Save the Children Sweden and Plan International.

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