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Build Forward Better 2022

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Save the Children International

In September 2021, Save the Children published the Build Forward Better report,  purposefully using this title in recognition that we should not limit our ambition to building ‘back’ to how things were before the pandemic, but to build forward better and differently.  In that report we published the first iteration of the Risks to Education Index which ranked countries by the vulnerability of their school system to hazards and deficiencies in preparedness. This enabled us to make a holistic view of the risks to education and suggested which national education systems required increased resources from national governments and international actors to mitigate existing and prevent future crises.

This briefing updates the Risks to Education Index with new 2021 or 2022 data where available. We have identified four countries – Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, and Mali – at extreme risk of ongoing and future crises disrupting education.  These countries are closely followed by a further 30 countries ranked at high risk, with Yemen, Nigeria, Syria, Central African Republic and Eritrea within the highest 10 countries in the index.

The Risks to Education Index demonstrates that education is in an unprecedented crisis. Only by ambitious global leadership will it be resolved.  Governments should take RAPID action to avert a learning catastrophe:

  • Reach and retain every child in school
  • Assess learning levels
  • Prioritize teaching the fundamentals
  • Increase catch-up learning and progress beyond what was lost
  • Develop mental health and psychosocial wellbeing so every child is ready to learn

Donors must invest in Education Cannot Wait

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