Behavioral Insights to Identify Solutions to Reduce Children Engagement in Hazardous Work in Cocoa farms: Behavioral diagnosis report

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CUBIC, The Center for Utilizing Behavioral Insights for Children,Save the Children International

The Center for Utilizing Behavioral Insights for Children (CUBIC), in collaboration with Save the Children (STC) Indonesia Country Office, conducted formative research to understand the underlying factors that influence children’s engagement in hazardous tasks on cocoa farms. This report summarizes the research methods employed, the findings as well as potential solutions to reduce hazardous child labor in Indonesia, particularly in the context of cocoa farming activities.

The purpose of this formative research is to explore the perceptions, norms, and behaviors around hazardous tasks carried out by children aged 12-15 and to identify key entry points for behavioral solutions to reduce children engagement in hazardous tasks in cocoa farms in South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia.

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