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Baseline Study Report on Early Childhood Development Project for Children Aged 3-6 in Shanghai

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Save the Children China,Save the Children International

In view of the disadvantaged situation of migrant children in Shanghai, Save the Children plans to conduct a Shanghai 3-6 Years Old Children Comprehensive Development Project. The project is developed according to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Framework for Nurturing Care and Save the Children’s (SC) Building Brains, Ready to Learn, and Enabling Teachers Common Approaches concept. The basic principle of the project is that to develop children to their full potential, they need a nurturing environment that is respectful and protective. This environment depends on the caregiver having the necessary knowledge and skills to create it. Caregivers can gain these necessary knowledge and skills through effective community networks and consulting services of high quality, as well as through an enabling environment. Therefore, for children aged 3-6 years, the project will focus on building the capacity of caregivers and service providers and creating an enabling environment to support early childhood development. The project aims to improve the quality of teacher-child interaction in kindergartens of preschool migrant children through teacher training, so that migrant children can truly receive compensatory education outside the family. Through research to understand the family environment of preschool migrant children, we can drive the improvement of family parenting environment (mainly parenting style and interparental relationships) to promote the early physical and mental development of this group of children and narrow the development gap between them and urban children of the same age.

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