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Baseline Report on ECW MYRP II Project, Rohingya Community

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Save the Children Bangladesh,Save the Children International

A key focus of the ECW MYRP project is to build upon the gains made in programs that were adapted in response to COVID-19, such as distance/remote learning and online teacher training platforms like the Learning Management System (LMS). SCI has gained substantial experience in this approach over the past two years, as programs were adapted to be suitable for COVID-19 responses. Children, parents, communities, and education sector partners have been very appreciative of these programmes. The ECW MYRP project will strengthen this further with increased coverage, catch-up content, and remedial support while Learning Centres (LC) remain open for one day per week per child at the time of pandemic. With the support of SCI and HI, the ECW consortium will implement the activities in camps and the host community, focusing on equity and inclusion.


As a co-lead of the Education Sector, SCI will coordinate the system strengthening approach through strong linkages and communication with all consortium members and education sector partners. Expected results of the ECW MYRP projects are: improved access to learning opportunities in a safe and protective environment for girls and boys (aged 3-18); gender and disability-inclusive, safe, and child-friendly teaching and learning environments created for girls and boys (aged 3-18); improved quality of learning for girls and boys (aged 3-18); improved systems for quality, inclusive, safe, and equitable educational provision; and increased resourcing for the expansion of quality, inclusive, safe, and equitable educational provision.

The primary purpose of the baseline was to document the pre-intervention status of the project participants in access to education and ultimately compare the change before and after implementation of the intervention to explore the changes in equity, inclusiveness, quality learning, and education system strengthening brought by the intervention. This baseline report will also help to focus on how the project can/will contribute to longer term results and sustainability, and guide coordination among the different sectors.

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