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Barnfattigdomen i Sverige: Sammanfattning av Barns ekonomiska utsatthet i Sverige. Årsrapport 2008

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Save the Children Sweden

A summary of Save the Children Sweden’s Annual Report on Child Poverty 2008. This report reflects the changes that have occurred at the level of child welfare up to the year 2006. It presents national statistics and child poverty information from local governments and city suburbs across the country. The children and adolescents that were interviewed voiced their feelings and thoughts about the effects of the economic downturn that hit Sweden during the autumn of 2008 and how it has affected household income. Child poverty is defined on an index combining two factors – low levels of relative income or living with income support (a guaranteed minimum level established by the Swedish Parliament in 1998). Save the Children has aimed to raise awareness of child poverty in Sweden since releasing its first report on the issue in 2002 and calls for a national action plan to combat the growing incidence of child poverty

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