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Barnfattigdom i Sverige: Årsrapport 2018

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Save the Children Sweden

Save the Children Sweden has since 2002 studied the welfare of Children in Sweden. This is the 14th report of its kind and a sequel to the prior studies. The report covers development in child poverty in Sweden up until 2016.

In the new millennium, there is an overall improvement in the welfare of the child in Sweden: child poverty has declined, incomes have increased, and the majority of families are better off economically. However, while the situation is improving for most households, the new study also shows a greater disparity between high-income households and low-income households than in the past. Increasing divides in household welfare should be understood against the backdrop decreasing economic development in the nation over the last decades. Rates of child poverty are decreasing for usually vulnerable populations, such as children to foreign-born parents and single parents, while traditionally high-income households are prospering more than previously. Currently, the income of two-thirds of families with children is twice the amount of the poverty threshold. 

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