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Agents for change. How children can be involved in accountability: A case study from Zanzibar

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Save the Children UK

Save the Children prides itself on being there for children: saving their lives, fighting for their rights, improving the quality of their lives, helping them to fulfil their potential. But how much feedback do we actively seek from those we claim to be helping? If we truly want to be an agency for children, then we need to listen to the voices of those for whom we work. Save the Children in Tanzania has undertaken some groundbreaking work in this area. The creation of Children’s Advisory Boards has allowed children to speak out and make their opinions heard, and the team in Tanzania has responded by working with the children as equal partners who have a stake in decisions that affect their lives.

This case study highlights the challenges and achievements of the Tanzanian team in setting up a system for accountability to children, including, of course, the views of the children involved. Best practice and future needs are explained, making this recommended reading for all programme staff working.

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