Migration and Displacement (MDI)

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                                                      Migration and Displacement (MDI)
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                                                      Mixed Migration and Forced Displacement are amongst the defining global issues of the early twenty-first century, attracting unprecedented interest amongst politicians, policy makers, international organizations and the general public. This increased focus is perhaps unsurprising: displacement is at its highest since the end of the Second World War. By December 2015, approximately 33 million of the world’s forcibly displaced were children. And this number doesn’t account for the many millions of at risk internal child migrants, or those children often categorized as ‘economic’ or ‘irregular’ migrants. Neither does it include the tens of millions of children around the world that are ‘left behind’ by migrating parents. Yet despite the fact that children are disproportionately affected by migration and displacement, there is limited understanding/data, programming or policy development related to the particular risks and challenges faced by such children.

                                                      Relevant Datasets
                                                      IOM maintains:

                                                      Migration Data Portal – provides comprehensive migration statistics based on different sources (IOM, UN DESA, UNHCR, etc.) on all migrant groups.
                                                      Displacement Tracking Matrix that includes:
                                                      Data on IDPs – global coverage, spatio-temporal coverage varies by country
                                                      Flow Monitoring – arrivals in Europe only, spatio-temporal coverage varies by country
                                                      Covid-19 mobility data – mobility impacts of Covid-19

                                                      IDMC maintains:

                                                      Global Internal Displacement Database – their primary database on IDPs, global coverage, spatio-temporal coverage varies by country
                                                      Global Internal Displacement Map – their corresponding interactive dashboard

                                                      UNHCR maintains:

                                                      Refugee Data Finder – UNHCR’s primary database on all persons of concerns (refugees, asylum seekers, returnees, IDPs, etc.)
                                                      Operational Portal for Refugee Situations – Interactive dashboard for ongoing situations of priority

                                                      UN DESA maintains:

                                                      Data on migrant stock that includes all types of migrants (both forced or not)

                                                      Save the Children staff are welcome to visit the M&D page on OneNet.

                                                      Photo: Pedro Armestre/Save the Children

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