MAMI: Management of At-risk Mothers and Infants under 6 months

Management of At-risk Mothers and Infants under 6 months

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MAMI Vision: every infant under six months of age, at every community and health-service contact, is nutritionally assessed and appropriately supported to survive and thrive

The Problem

Globally among infants u6m, 18% are born low birthweight, 20% are underweight (WAZ<-2), 21% are wasted (WHZ<-2) and 17% are stunted (HAZ<-2). Infants u6m make up approximately 20% of the global burden of severe acute malnutrition (SAM).

Infants under 6 months (u6m) are unique. Their wellbeing is intrinsically linked to that of their mother/ caregiver, being completely dependent on breastfeeding (or a breastmilk substitute ) to meet all their nutritional needs. Developmental changes from birth to 6-months are exponential compared to later in childhood. Younger infants are at greater risk of death than older children, with feeding practices closely linked to risk. In addition to this baseline risk, additional risk factors increase an infants’ vulnerabilities, for example being born prematurely or at low birthweight (<2500g). The MAMI Approach is a solution for at-risk infants under 6 months: To see them. To assess them. To provide support.

The MAMI Approach

The MAMI Approach guides the holistic case management of at-risk infants under 6 months through community-based services. The MAMI Approach looks to leverage and build on what already exists within services for mothers and infants. The MAMI Approach links mothers and babies to existing services and links prevention and treatment.

The MAMI Care Pathway provides a guide for health workers to assess, identify/classify and manage at risk mothers and infants u6m in the community. When a mother and child present to a contact point, the pathways guides assessment of: Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) danger signs, anthropometrics of infant and mother, feeding practices, clinical symptoms, and maternal wellbeing.

In this short video, we share experiences from the field of utilizing the MAMI Approach in Bangladesh and Ethiopia to save the lives of vulnerable infants who may otherwise be missed

MAMI Global Network

This mapping is of MAMI-related programmes and research across the globe. The mapping was undertaken by the MAMI Special Interest Group (MAMI SIG) in November 2019.  As a member of the MAMI SIG and to support this collective effort, Save the Children are now updating the map.

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MAMI Webinars

Save the Children led a Tech RRT webinar on MAMI in April – May 2020, with cases studies from GOAL and Partners in Health. Recording can be found here in English, French and Spanish:

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