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Child, early, forced marriage and unions are a violation of human rights that disproportionately affects adolescent girls. Child marriage is a form and cause of gender-based violence that has profound and life-changing impacts on children, their families and subsequent generations. Married girls are denied the freedom to make critical decisions about their own lives. They are disproportionately at risk of an early end to their education, social isolation, ongoing exposure to violence and the risks of death and disability associated with adolescent pregnancy. Around 12 million girls are married every year, 2 million before their 15th birthday. As a child rights organisation dedicated to ensuring all children have an equal opportunity to survive, learn, and live free from violence, Save the Children recognises that urgent action is required to prevent and respond to child, early, forced marriage and unions around the world. Save the Children is committed to advocating for and with girls, supporting child participation and researching best practice on what works to end child marriage. Take a look at our resources on our Ending Child Marriage Evidence Hub.

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New Research, Tools and Guidance

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