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                  Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition

                  Globally, undernutrition contributes to nearly half of all child deaths. Last year, 149 million children under-five were stunted, and 49.5 million children were wasted. Undernourished children often suffer lifelong and intergenerational consequences: they are more susceptible to disease and are more likely to have poorer educational outcomes, poorer birth outcomes and reduced economic activity into adulthood. Furthermore, malnutrition during pregnancy increases the risk of preterm births, low birthweight, and infant mortality. Save the Children's maternal, infant and young child nutrition programs focus on the delivery of evidence-based nutrition interventions during the "first 1000 days," the period from pregnancy to a child's second birthday. Save the Children works with governments, civil society and communities to ensure adequate food and nutrient intake in pregnant and lactating women and young children, effective infant and young child feeding and care practices and the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. Save the Children supports immediate and exclusive breastfeeding through the age of six months, and continued breastfeeding through the age of two years. We foster collaboration across sectors and roll out guidance on Infant and Young Child feeding. We advocate for effective policy and financing to address malnutrition in children.

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