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                  Child Protection

                  Every day, one in two children experience violence. In every country and culture, children face abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence. Violence against children takes many forms and violations include sexual exploitation and abuse, trafficking, physical and humiliating punishment, harmful traditional practices such as early marriage and female genital mutilation/cutting and recruitment into armed forces and groups. Violence against children takes place at home, in school, online, in institutions, at work, in the community, in armed conflict and in disasters. It affects children from all walks of life. It has a devastating long-term impact on children. Growing up with violence seriously affects a child's development, dignity, and physical and psychological integrity. But violence is preventable. Every child has the right to be safe. To end this epidemic, we need a global community of action to drive impact and change for children. Save the Children works to ensure that violence against children is no longer tolerated. We work with children, families, communities and societies to put in place laws, policies and services to support children, and promote social norm and behavior change. We work to prevent and respond to all forms of abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence affecting all children including the most marginalised and deprived.

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