This is a living document and will be updated regularly.
Note that the parameter value delimiter in the Swagger documentation is a comma ”,”, this
is incorrect and the correct delimiter is a semicolon ”;”. The request parameters should
thus be written as my_parameter_1=value_1;value_2.
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Accessing the API

Get a User

Email the Resource Centre Team ( with your preferred email address and you will be sent credentials.


Obtain JWT bearer token for access

Make a REST API POST request to the endpoint: with request body of type form-data containing username ”my-resource-centre-username” password ”my-resource-centre-password” On success this returns a token under [’data’][’token’] that is to be used as the bearer token when doing a request.


Query data

Set authorization method in your GET request to Bearer token and use the previously obtained token. Make a REST API GET request to the endpoint:;value_2&my_parameter_2=value_3;value_4


Example 1 - Search documents

I am looking for resources concerning the countries Jordan and Uganda with the keywords Children affected by armed conflict and Education:;Uganda&keywords=Children affected by armed conflict;Education


Example 2 - Search documents

I am looking for resources concerning the topic Protection of Children from Violence, but I want to paginate the results with 10 resources at a time: First request of Children from Violence&limit=10&offset=0 Second request of Children from Violence&limit=10&offset=10


Example 3 - Search documents

I am looking for resources with the content type Report and want to sort the results by title in ascending order: Currently, resources can only be ordered by title or publication year.


Example 4 - Query taxonomies

Retrieve a list of available taxonomies:


Example 5 - Query terms for a taxonomy

Retrieve a list of all terms for a taxonomy:


Example 6 - Get single document

Retrieve a single document by ID:{ID}

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