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Public Investment in Children

Save the Children defines Public investment in children as public spending on specific areas that directly benefit children as set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and its Optional Protocols, particularly on social protection, health, education, child protection, emergencies and the requisite child rights infrastructure and systems.

Public investment in children ensures children are prioritized in mobilizing, allocating and spending of society’s resources.

In order to sufficiently and sustainably invest in children, governments have to take concrete measures to mobilize public and private, domestic and international resources.

We know that the issue is not just about more money for children, but also efficient and effective use of available resources within open, inclusive and accountable frameworks. A focus on deprivation and inequity demands that we work to improve where the money goes and whom it benefits.

Save the Children helped to get the first ever UN Human Rights Council Resolution on investment in child rights and the Committee on the Rights of the Child agreement to produce a General Comment no 19 on Public spending on child rights.

Photo: Poulomi Basu/Save the Children

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