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Young citizens: youth and participatory governance in Africa - PLA 64

This special issue of PLA 64 goes in depth on the involvement of youth in governance, the particular challenges that youth face in this area and ways young people are overcoming marginalization to participate and make change. It talks through key theories related to good governance, social accountability and social audits and shows concrete examples of putting them into action. Young people in Africa are challenging the norms and structures that exclude them, engaging with the state and demanding accountability. The report describes how young people across Africa are exercising their right to participate and developing the knowledge, skills and confidence to effect change. It explores methods of communication, appraisal, monitoring and research which are involving young people in decision-making spaces. This special issue was developed and written by and with young people. It includes a range of case studies about young people’s engagement in participatory governance.

Published 2012-01-27