Working with Unaccompanied Children: A community-based approach

Much attention has been focused on improving emergency response to the need of refugees. Whether for large groups or for individual victims of persecution, it is recognised that this response must go beyond the provision of material relief: The response must also address their social, human and emotional need and help to heal psychological wound. Helping people to help themselves and to help others in need is at the heart of the community services approach advocated herein. This support must start at the earliest possible opportunity and continue in a structured and well-planned manner, reaching and giving priority to those who need it most.

These revised manuals seek to strengthen community services by providing practical guidance to those closest to the refugees. The manuals cover refugee emergencies, assistance to disabled refugees, urban refugees and working with unaccompanied minors. They reflect experiences and lessons learnt since the preparation of the original version. 

Published 2018-07-27