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Working with markets during COVID-19: Three things to know

The purpose of this document is to provide a quick and basic guidance, overview of resources, and orientation to facilitate the analysis and integration of markets in programmatic responses to COVID-19 outbreak. Hyperlinks to more comprehensive and detailed guidance and tools are provided throughout the document.

This document is intended for Program Managers and Technical Advisors across all sectors involved in COVID-19 response, with little or no markets experience, in order to gain familiarity with key concepts, tools and resources that will help them to understand WHY and HOW markets should be considered in their programming. The document covers 3 main aspects:

  • WHY should we consider markets during COVID-19 response?
  • WHAT does work with markets entail, during COVID-19 response?
  • HOW to work with markets during COVID-19 response?
Published 2020-08-13

Document Information

Document Information