Where do we go from here? People with specific needs and the quest for durable solutions

The war in Syria is well into its fifth year, yet the situation inside the country continues to deteriorate. Consequently, Syrians continue to try to flee their country to the relative safety of neighbouring countries. Not all Syrian refugees are interested in resettlement, but the gap between the “supply” of resettlement spaces and “demand” or need for these resettlement opportunities remains stark. So long as resettlement is not believed to be a viable option for those fleeing Syria, people will increasingly risk their lives to reach Europe by illegal land and sea routes.

Syrian refugees that require durable solutions to their protracted displacement include the people with the specific needs that we, as Handicap International and HelpAge International, advocate for and work with. It is imperative that people with specific needs have full access to the scope of services provided by humanitarian agencies regardless of age, gender or impairment. These services include opportunities for durable solutions, notably resettlement. 

Published 2018-11-30