When we are asked, not questioned: Consultations with children on the move

This Manual is designed for practitioners who are in direct contact with children on the move, institutions and organisations whose work is focused on these children, as well as relevant decision makers. Although the Manual primarily deals with meaningful and ethical participation of children on the move, we sincerely hope that this publication will find its practical use among all the professionals dealing with promotion and protection of the rights of the child, child participation and consultation with children.

This publication has been produced with the aim to contribute to the conceptual and methodological framework, practical guidelines and techniques for consultation with children on the move on issues that are important to them. On a broader scale, the publication aims to encourage development of the culture of child participation and institutional structures that support the “listening” to the children, as well as developing the practice of consultation with children in making decisions that affect them.

Published 2014-05-21

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