What works in tackling child abuse and neglect? A manual for policy makers, managers & professionals

The manual 'What Works in Tackling Child Abuse and Neglect?', is the main outcome of the European Commission Daphne III programme, involving regional exchanges and research to bring together knowledge on what works in tackling child abuse. This manual is based on the Convention of the Rights of the Child, General Comment 13 and the currently available evidence based knowledge. It draws on the practice-based knowledge regarding the quality of the systems, services and professionals in Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands. A study compiling practice-based knowledge on tackling abuse and neglect was also undertaken with parents and professionals in these countries. The manual provides specific conclusions and recommendations, and calls for the establishment of a sustainable care continuum for preventing and treating child abuse and neglect, embedded in a national framework. The manual is directed at policy makers, managers and professionals.

Published 2013-03-05