What Can YOU Do to Protect Children on the Move: A handbook to enable organisations to review how they prevent child trafficking and exploitation, and whether they ensure that the best interests of the child guide their activities

This handbook is aimed at organisations that try to stop children from experiencing harm as a result of exploitation or other abuse - particularly young people who move from one place to another (with or without other family members) or migrate within their own country or to another country. It is designed to help such organisations to review any activities they organise concerning children who leave home and to enable them to question the ways they (or you) have worked in the past, opening up the possibility of using new methods to benefit 'children on the move'. 

The handbook offers some examples of what such methods could be but does not set out a specific agenda for action. It emphasises the importance of listening to the experiences and hopes of children who have left home in order to provide them with the most appropriate forms of support.

Published 2018-12-31