Vision for the Inter-Agency Child Protection Information Management System (IA CP IMS)

The IA CP IMS has significantly improved and been widely used since it was first developed in 2005 and is adaptable and highly customizable to any type of child protection program requiring case management.  To date there has been significant investment (both financial and time) in ensuring the system is regularly revised and updated to keep up with the latest technological developments as well as the changing requirements of users.  It is against this background that the current steering committee members aim to take the IA CP IMS to scale beyond emergency contexts, making it widely available to all organizations whose CP programs and projects require case management and seen to strengthen child protection systems.  The aim of taking the IA CP IMS to scale is embedded in promoting a cost-effective and highly sustainable system for all CP agencies.  This vision will require further promoting minimum standards of best practice around case management as well as tapping into the latest technology available to ensure the IA CP IMS achieves its full potential. 

Published 2018-07-11