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Violencia sexual contra los niños y las niñas. Abuso y explotación sexual infantil.Guía de material básico para la formación de profesionales

This guide, developed by Save the Children Spain, has been produced with the support of the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services & Equity, and is part of Save the Children's work in protecting children against all forms of child sexual abuse and exploitation. It shares information and links to existing capacity-building materials for professionals involved in interventions preventing or addressing issues around child sexual abuse. It aims to sensitize professionals on the identification of children victims of sexual abuse and the psychological needs of the abused victims, and to provide guidance about how to detect the signs of child sexual abuse for an adequate intervention. Children at risk of being, or who have been sexually abused and exploited, have the right to receive appropriate psychosocial and other support that promotes their overall development and recovery.
The guide includes information on Spain's legislative framework and public policies for the protection of children from sexual violence, including sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and child trafficking, as well as on relevant international legal instruments and standards.

Published 2013-01-17

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