Violence against Children in Schools: A Regional Analysis of Lebanon, Morocco and Yemen

In recent decades, increased attention has been given to government reforms and policies in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), where the implementation of children’s rights faces many challenges. The International Bureau for Children's Rights, the Lebanese Association for Education and Training (ALEF), Bayti, Developmental Action without Borders (Naba'a) and SOUL for Development, in collaboration with Save the Children Sweden have launched the report “Violence against children in schools: A regional analysis of Lebanon, Morocco and Yemen” as part of the Manara Network project. It examines violent practices towards children in schools including physical, sexual and psychological abuse. Through this project - spanning over 3 ½ years and involving 12 countries in the region - SCS seeks to support and strengthen the capacities of existing civil society networks and NGOs in the region, which will serve as a basis for action for the implementation of children’s rights.

Published 2011-11-04

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