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Very Young Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Landscape: Where are we now? Where do we go from here?

Very young adolescents (VYAs; ages 10-14) experience rapid physiological changes while also learning to navigate shifting gendered expectations about their behavior and roles. Intervening with this age group provides an unparalleled opportunity to improve Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) outcomes both now and across the life course, as well as to support the formation of more gender equitable attitudes, behaviors, and norms.

The VYA SRH and gender programming and research landscape has changed over the last ten years. In response, Save the Children conducted a VYA SRH landscape analysis to describe the current research and program landscape (2010-2020), understand who is answering what research questions and when we will know the answers to those questions, and identify areas for future investment in VYA SRH. This slide deck includes the rationale, methods, findings, and recommendations for the way forward.

Published 2020-11-05