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The Use of Schools During the COVID-19 Response Policy Briefing

As thousands of schools and educational facilities globally are closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, some of these temporarily empty structures are at risk of being used for a range of non-education purposes, including as health treatment, testing or quarantine centres, as shelters, distribution and storage centres. Vacant schools are also at risk of being used by state and non-state armed actors.

This 4-page briefing provides messaging and key recommendations for school communities, authorities, governments, donors and partners to plan for the use of schools where necessary, ensure educational continuity, limit the use of schools for military purposes and prepare for safe school reopening. This draws on existing good practice and guidance including the Operational Guidance Note: The Use of Educational Facilities/Temporary Learning Centres and Safe Back to School: A Practitioner’s Guide.

Published 2020-07-03

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