Unspeakable Crimes Against Children, Policy Brief

This is Save the Children's 2014 Policy Brief on violence, especially sexual violence, against children in conflict-affected countries. Sexual violence can occur against boys and girls, although the latter are more at risk and vulnerable to early or forced marriage and are at risk of forced pregnancy.

  1. With this Policy Brief, Save the Children is calling for:
  2. Children to be placed at the centre of international action on sexual violence in conflict
  3. End impunity for sexual violence against children
  4. Fund the protection of children from sexual violence
  5. Strenthen and protect education for survivors of as well as those vulnerable to sexual violence.
  6. Ensure that multilateral missions have what they need to effectively address the issue of sexual violence in conflict
  7. Focus on girls and boys used by armed forces and groups
  8. Increase investment in monitoring and reporting crimes of sexual violence against children.


The policy brief from 2013 can be found here

Published 2014-07-09

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