Under the Radar and Under Protected. The urgent need to address Stateless Children's Rights

There are up to 6 million stateless children in the world. Without a nationality, many of them are denied access to education and healthcare. Without a legal identity, these children are vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, including being trafficked, forced into hazardous labour and sexual exploitation. 'Under the Radar and Under Protected' raises awareness of the dangers and risks that stateless children face and highlights the urgent need to address their rights - including the right of every child to acquire a nationality and to be registered immediately after birth. Plan and UNHCR have joined hands to work together around the globe and in partnership with other organisations, such as UNICEF, to urge states to register children immediately after birth and to include stateless children in the development and implementation of international and national policies. States are also encouraged to develop campaigns for free, accessible and non-discriminatory birth registration with the help of UN agencies, donors and civil society

Published 2013-01-02

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