Training Manual: Incorporating Core Guiding Principles into Child Protection. Module 2

A child protection training package produced as a resource to assist facilitators to deliver and assess key competencies across the child protection sector. The training package, endorsed by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development of Uganda, consists of the following five modules: Module1: What is Child Protection? Module 2: Incorporating Core Guiding Principles into Child Protection; Module 3: Adapting and Implementing a Code of Conduct; Module 4: Confidentiality; and Module 5: Finding Community-Based Child Protection Solutions. This package applies to local government workers and partners and provides a broad range of dynamic group exercises on preventing, identifying, and responding to child protection by non-specialists. The course topics can be presented together or taught separately as stand-alone modules. "Incorporating Core Guiding Principles into Child Protection" is the second of the five-module series, and the expected result of this module is that participants gain knowledge about the legal aspects of child protection.

Published 2012-01-05

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