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Towards an AIDS free generation: Children and AIDS - UNICEF Sixth Stocktaking Report, 2013

The sixth edition of the Children and AIDS Stocktaking Report reflects the progress made on the children and AIDS agenda, and underscores how the world is closer than ever to realizing the promise of an AIDS-free generation. This report is part of the series first launched in 2005, with data and analysis on the response to HIV and AIDS among children in low-and middle-income countries. 

The Sixth Stocktaking Report 2013 provides the latest figures all in one place. Based on 2012 country data, the report notes great progress in preventing mother to child transmission of HIV while it raises the alarm on the trajectory of AIDS deaths among adolescents. Adolescents are the only age group among which the number of AIDS-related deaths has increased since 2005. The report highlights new investment modelling which shows that increased investment in high-impact interventions can prevent 2 million new infections among adolescents by 2020.

Published 2013-11-29

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