Toward Gender Equality in Europe and Eurasia: A toolkit for Analysis

'Toward Gender Equality in Europe and Eurasia: A Toolkit for Analysis', has been prepared to provide USAID Mission staff working in the E&E region with a resource for conducting gender analysis in the context of project design. It is intended as a tool to assist in implementing USAID policy on promoting gender equality and female empowerment. The Toolkit provides an overview of the relevance of gender analysis to USAID development goals and uses the Six Domains Framework as a sample gender analysis methodology. The general introduction is followed by 16 guidance notes that provide detailed information about gender in a variety of sectors in the fields of democracy and governance, economic growth, social transition, health, energy, and the environment in the E&E region as well as information on vulnerable groups such as children living outside of parental care, people with disabilities, and victims of human trafficking.

Published 2013-02-27

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