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Supporting Children with Disabilities in Family-Based Care

In this two-part video, you’ll hear from Children in Families ABLE project practitioners, Sorn Sreyny and Lisa Yunker, as they share their experience of making family-based care in Cambodia inclusive for children with disabilities. 

In part one, Sreyny and Lisa discuss their key learning with respect to supporting caregivers to care for children, including the importance of managing stress and expectations, developing trusting relationships and taking a whole family approach to support.

In part two they speak to their experience and learning around recruiting foster families to care for children with disabilities, including the types of families to target and how to use role-modeling to address issues of stigma in the community.

Watch the shorter version of this video which was presented at a UN Human Rights Council side event on Promoting Quality Alternative Care for Children with Disabilities in March 2019.

This video is part of a series of practitioner learning videos from Cambodia.

Disability Inclusion in Family-Based Care: Part One

Disability Inclusion in Family-Based Care: Part Two

Published 2019-10-16