Strengthening Child Protection Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa: A call to action (Joint inter-agency statement)

 A  Joint Inter-agency Statement calling on African governments to strengthen their child protection systems to secure the right of children to a life free from violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect in both emergency and non-emergency settings. The Statement stresses that fulfillment of this right to protection will directly contribute to the achievement of national socio-economic development and poverty reduction agendas in Africa.

The agencies argue that effective child protection depends on appropriate policies, legislation and regulations, as well as structures and implementation that depend on social acceptance and funding. Actions are needed to strengthen effective promotion, prevention and response to violence, abuse and exploitation, and high quality evidence and data are needed to improve decision-making on child protection. The Statement endorses strengthening protection systems that are integrated, child-centered, and guided by the best interests of the child. Child protection systems should be sensitive to context and environment; take full account of the child’s role in the system; and create better coordination, engagement, and capacity of a wide range of actors, from children, youth and families, to traditional and faith leaders, to government, civil society and the private sector.

Published 2013-11-07

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