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Strategies for Inclusive Teaching and Learning: How to support teachers

During the Inclusive Education Learning Event (IELE), held in Bangkok the 6-8 December 2016, the activities began with a keynote presentation by Sheldon Shaeffer.

Later that day, Dr. Peter Grimes gave a presentation on the BEST project, strategies for inclusive teaching and learning. During the presentation, Dr. Grimes presented the following two films:

This video is very useful to show to teachers, supervisors and regional & divisional administrators as a starting point to discuss and reflect on attitudes and practices towards children with disabilities and as negative attitudes and low expectations from learners with disabilities often create barriers for such children to do well in school.

This video was made by Australian Government WDARE, showcasing empowerment of women with disabilities through education and reproductive health knowledge building. Sarah is a 21 – year old young woman who is currently in Grade 5 in a regular school in the Philippines.  Her story unfolds in the video.

Published 2017-01-24