Stopp! Min Kropp! Second edition

Stopp! Min Kropp! ("Respect! My Body!") is a guidance document developed for adults to use when teaching children about their bodies, boundaries, and sexual abuse. Early on, children need to understand the value of their bodies and how to say or communicate "yes" or "no," in regards to what others are allowed to do with their bodies. Through deliberate conversations with children about these topics, they gain awareness of what they regard as OK or not OK. It also helps them alert adults should they experience any type of abuse.

The second edition of this material includes a toolkit to work with children in lower secondary school (ages 7 to 9). Currently, the material is only available in Swedish and can be ordered from Rädda Barnen's website.

To access translations of the material, please refer to the first edition.

Published 2019-10-15

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