Still on the street - still short of rights. Analysis of policy and programmes related to street involved children

This report provides an analysis of the situation of street involved children and highlights programmatic initiatives being implemented by international and local non-governmental organisations. The report begins with an explanation of why this research on street involved children was conducted and continues with main chapters 2 to 8, each of which end with a concluding section that pulls together the main points of the chapter.• Chapters 2, 3 and 4 discuss who street involved children are, how they come to be there and what they experience whilst involved with the street. • Chapter 5 analyses the legal frameworks which are pertinent to street involved children • Chapter 6 describes approaches to policy and programme work with street involved children.• Chapters 7 and 8 examine the prevention and response to street involvement by children, and in Chapter 8 the main conclusions and recommendations of the report are brought together.

Published 2011-04-29