State of Africa's Fathers 2015

This report is an adaptation of the global State of the World's Fathers report, which was produced by MenCare, a global campaign to promote men and boys’ involvement as equitable, non-violent caregivers.

This regional report focuses on men’s caregiving practices in Africa. It looks at what is known – and unknown – about men’s participation in unpaid care work, sexual and reproductive health and rights, maternal and child health, violence against women and children, and child development.

Social norms, practices and power dynamics between men and women need to be reframed to achieve full equality in caregiving. This will require support at many levels, including government policies, workplaces, schools and families. To this end, the global report makes specific recommendations for the different actors operating at different levels of society. As a backdrop to these recommendations, the report calls on governments and societies to gather and analyse data on men’s involvement as fathers and caregivers in order to generate more evidence for programmes and policies.

Published 2015-09-07

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