Social Entrepreneurship: A manual on founding and building enterprises that change the world

This manual has been prepared by the Armenia Country Office of Save the Children, as part of the Livelihood Improvement through Fostered Employment for People with Disabilities (LIFE) Program.

Since 2012, with funding support from US Agency for International Development, Save the Children International has been implementing the LIFE Program (2012-2016) in Armenia, which aims at promoting equal employment opportunities and access to employment as a basic human right for people with disabilities.

This manual was written and published as one of the concluding activities of the LIFE Program. Besides featuring a collection of theory and practical examples from around the world, the manual focuses on best practices and lessons learned from Armenian social enterprises. Most of these organizations were created by individuals who had initially very little experience in the specific business thinking that goes into social entrepreneurship. Their knowledge and experience grew during their engagement with the LIFE Program. Therefore, the learning that comes from their journey is a useful resource to others around the world who wishes to tackle a social problem, but have no experience in entrepreneurship.

Published 2016-12-07