Situation analysis of newborn health in Tanzania : Current situation, existing plans and strategic next steps for newborn health

Tanzania has substantially reduced child mortality in the past five years, but most of the decline has come after the first month of life and neonatal mortality has not reduced. Each year, at least 51,000 Tanzanian newborns die; an additional 43,000 babies are stillborn.The three main causes of neonatal death in Tanzania are well known: 32 percent die from infections; 27 percent die from complications of preterm birth; 26 percent die from birth asphyxia. Up to two-thirds, or 34,000 newborn lives could be saved if essential care reached mothers and babies. At the current rate of progress, Millennium Development Goal 4 could be met, especially with more attention to newborn survival.
This Situation Analysis of newborn health was developed as Tanzania renewed its national response to
improving newborn care. The Reproductive and Child Health Section (RCHS) of the Ministry of Health
and Social Welfare in collaboration with developmental partners, particularly Saving Newborn Lives/
Save the Children, carried out this analysis to guide implementation of newborn health interventions in
Tanzania. This Situation Analysis will provide information and guidance on the way forward.

Published 2012-07-10

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